You found me! Now, let's BREATHE together...

Big inhale, expand the belly, then slowly... slowly, exhale

I celebrate synchronicity... and the conspiring of spirit! There is so much to share with you!!  Whether you found me by chance or you were referred, please browse, subscribe, inquire, schedule... You are HERE for a reason. Let's find out why. 


Awakening Enthusiast

Jules is an intuitive life coach. She supports the Essentials for 2019: GRATITUDE & SELF-LOVE. 

It's time to open our hearts, shift how we perceive our world, and acknowledge our true brilliant, sacred nature.

Meditation Teacher

The ability to calm the mind is a skill. Meditation is a practice. As the mind calms, the physical body become relaxed. As the mind & body experience a state of peace, the heart opens. As the heart opens the potential opportunities are only limited by our willingness to imagine :) What is your heart's desire?

Where & What do you want to BE?

It's time to use our imagination... and dream. It's time to write out our vision and be deliberate with our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It's time to practice honest self-reflection, to recognize some of our stories just don't work anymore. It's time to be courageous, learn to say YES, learn to say NO.

 It's time to cultivate SELF-LOVE...period.